Best National Ice Cream Flavor Award 2018

The master ice cream maker Óscar Palacio de Helados Artesanos Palacio de Pedreguer won first prize this Thursday in the National Artisan Ice Cream Contest that was held in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid). Palacio was one of the 12 finalists among the more than 50 professional artisans from all over Spain who entered the renowned competition.

The dessert that Palacio prepared for the contest was a roasted apple pie with toasted white chocolate, which in its presentation stands out visually due to its white color although it has nothing to do with the flavor, since at the same time palate tastes like dark chocolate. A detail that captivated the jury made up of several experts, including the president of the National Association of Artisan Ice Cream Makers, Marco Miquel from Diane.

Siblings Óscar and Miriam Palacio run the company that their parents Francisco and Maite founded in Pedreguer in 1994. Currently, the first of the brothers holds the position of Master Ice Cream Maker in the family business.

On his resume he has a university degree in Artisanal Ice Cream Production, awarded by the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Bromatology of the University of Alicante. Some studies that Palacio carried out in the classroom of the National Association of Artisan Ice Cream Makers, where he shared experiences with some of the best ice cream masters on the national scene.

Source: Las Provincias

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